Announcement of a conference

Under the slogan (we started and will not stop deploying the applications of renewable energies to clean Iraqi environment), the Iraqi Engineers Association holds the Conference of Sustainable and Renewable Energy III and with the participation of


The Nahrain Research Center for Renewable Energy was established as a scientific research institution affiliated to the presidency of Nahrain University by the letter of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research / Research and Development Department / Secretariat of the Scientific Research Authority No. 8038 on 6/6/2013. Based on the university order No. 3977 on 8/3/2013, 2014 The Center started its work and under the direction of Prof. Dr. Emad Khudair Al-Shukriji, and its center is in Baghdad and enjoys the moral personality and administrative and financial independence. The system of scientific research centers in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research No. (1) of 1995 and the instructions of the researcher's work structure are applied in research centers No. (148) 2002. The Center is characterized by its examples of research centers in Iraq with the presence of sections specialized in production of energy friendly to the environment. The research policy of the Center since its inception focused on the limits of science in the field of renewable energies. The reason for the introduction of nanotechnology in renewable energy research is the result of the global development in modern applications of nanoparticles in the design of renewable energies in all their branches.

The mission of the Center is to plan and implement academic and applied scientific research in the field of renewable energy to protect the environment by contributing to innovation and intellectual creativity in research and studies, dissemination of scientific knowledge and expertise in the community, providing scientific support to educational and industrial institutions, Iraq, its resources, energy efficiency, rational use and good management of sustainable development in Iraq.

1. Conduct research and studies to support and build sustainable development in Iraq and reduce the scientific gap with the developed countries and the countries surrounding us in the field of renewable energy nanoparticles and industrial applications and energy management in Iraq by improving the level of research performance and develop the skills and capabilities of researchers in the completion of studies and research within the Center's plan. 2 - Attracting distinguished researchers in the fields of renewable energy. 3. Developing national innovations in the field of renewable energy through the effective recruitment of scientific and technical capabilities and directing them to acquire knowledge in the field of nanotechnology and to serve the issues of sustainable development in Iraq. 4 - Establish scientific laboratories in the field of renewable energy nanomaterials and provide services and scientific consultations. 5 - Provide opportunities for researchers in Iraqi universities and postgraduate students to carry out research in the field of renewable energy nanomaterials and provide support both during the research or through the consolidation of research carried out 6 - establish scientific relations and exchange experiences with similar centers and universities and other scientific institutions inside and outside Iraq. 7 - Contribute to the training of scientific and technical staff in the field of jurisdiction inside and outside Iraq. 8 - Openness to the public and private sectors to implement projects or provide consultancy in the areas of renewable energies and their applications in practice to serve Iraq.

In order to achieve the vision and mission of the scientific center, the structure of the center was developed to include a group of research departments in addition to the people and other units as shown in the chart below:

Since the establishment of the Nahrain Research Center for Renewable Nanomaterials, the scientific vision has been that the Center is a research and development institution with technical expertise to employ scientific knowledge in the field of renewable energy nanomaterials to serve sustainable development in Iraq.